Welcome to The Rite Source

Welcome to the website for The Rite Source. We hope that you will find what you are looking for here.

Our website now includes an interactive community. As a community member, you will be able to create groups to honor your deceased loved ones, enabling you to reach relatives and friends in distant places, enjoy their contributions to your collective memory and enhance the emotional experience of marking the passing of and continuing the bond with that person. It’s easy. Register and create your own simple profile, invite others to join who knew the person you want to commemorate, and together use our website to upload photos and videos, engage in conversation, and contact each other directly through our respectful and reverent email functions. Choose among various levels of privacy for any of your communications.

One key feature you may appreciate is our calendar function. Type in the date of death of your loved one and we generate a calendar of ritual occasions that the Japanese follow to honor the memory of the deceased. We find that this schedule provides a sensible structure and creates opportunities for gathering social support that can be so lacking in our culture.

If you are a bereavement facilitator or a bereavement researcher, join the groups on our website for you and share the latest in best practices and theoretical findings with fellow facilitators and researchers.

In addition to the new community feature, the website offers downloadable resources for individuals, families and groups. As always, we are standing by to provide whatever assistance you may need to make the most of your experience with The Rite Source.

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